WIN EXPO 2015 November 08 2015

Last night Coyle tree pieces hosted a booth at the 2015 Willamette innovators network Expo at Hewlett-Packard campus in Corvallis.  The Expo has been a event that showcases, annually, various tech and innovation business start ups in the area. Coyle has been invited to participate each year based on the patented technology that we use in our natural fiber helmets and based on other prototyping work that we do (Currently, we are looking at developing a new product with an extremely earth friendly theme that would address a large segments of the helmet product world.) Participation in this event who's been relieve able to however development has a helmet technology company. Mostly, we are viewed as a company that makes beautiful helmets. However, the sometimes more exciting and more challenging part of what we often do is to figure out how to improve the performance of our helmets given they are made of alternative materials.  This show was no exception. There was a variety of micro manufacturers and makers using various types of 3d printing machines as well as more traditional CNC technologies. Being able to see what these people are doing and pick their brains is invaluable. Also, there were other innovative industries, such as, for example, one that has created a protein powder using crickets.  Other companies were building electrically powered garden and farming implements, an essential oils extractor kit, small scale nuclear power plants, fighting robots and on and on. These companies and their product development stories are just really fun to learn about. Meeting the people behind it all is an experience full of eccentricity, optimism and genuine curiosity.  Seeing people do new things and being successful with it inspires us to get off the couch regarding ideas that we have been excited about but maybe aren't putting 100% into.  Going back to the shop today has me thinking about getting a few new tools, small ones, so that we can try out some fun stuff and the story inspired about what is possible.  In the end it's less about cool ideas and more about the courage and assistance involved in making an idea a reality.  While at out booth we got such amazing interest and encouragement from folks who were clearly inspired by the helmets, the cork interior and their weight (which was really satisfying as we have worked so hard to get the weight competitive with the weight of mainstream helmets.)  The folks at WIN who put on this event each year really give the community a new venue for connection and collaboration.  In the course of the evening we met several professionals and entrepreneurs that were interested in corresponding together in the future on various projects.  Always a boost of energy to get that type of new interest and energy from the community here locally.  Next year we hope to come to the show with some new models and new product lines that will keep the spirit of innovation alive in the Willamette Valley.Lulu & Jackson at the WIN Expo booth