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Press Release for Latest Helmet Product Development February 02 2016


Coyle LLC has been building one of a kind natural fiber helmets since 2010.  The Tree Piece helmet line is CPSC tested for bicycle use, has been sold on five continents and use two patented technologies.  They are CNC machined and artisan finished, customized products that meld art and function, wood and cork.  If you haven't seen them before you should, check them out here.  

Since its inception owner Daniel Coyle has prototyped and sold other Tech/Artisan helmets for construction, forestry and military replica.  All of the products to this point have been high-end, high-input custom pieces.   The wood helmets were originally built for whitewater use but were redesigned for biking when the business launched.   

In the fall of 2015,Coyle LLC began pursuing commercialization of a new mass producible bioplastic-based bike helmet.  This helmet will be manufactured in cooperation with an Oregon based bioplastics manufacturer, EcNowTech.  Coyle is also working with Oregon State University on materials and manufacturing technology.  The helmet line will feature a largely or entirely biodegradeable product line, and even more unique, will be the only helmet line made, and not just assembled, in the USA.   Coyle would like to offer competetively priced products made with a more economically and environmentally responsible process. 

The new product line is in prototyping and Coyle LLC is currently engaging in market research.  Coyle plans to explore offering the helmet in specialty shops on the west coast initially in 2017. 

Coyle is using the following survey to compile feedback to be used in the design and development of its product and its release:  Bio Plastic Helmet Development Survey 

About Coyle LLC: Mr. Coyle started his business as a result of DIY projects he has continually tinkered with over the past twenty years, including crafting outerwear gear, wood and steel eyeglasses, composite wood/carbon/kevlar bent shaft whitewater kayak paddles and more. Mr. Coyle has been an avid fan of outdoor sports and education for 25 years and volunteers time weekly to organize, design and lead mountain bike trailbuilding projects in his local community.