Custom wood helmets to delight and inspire you


Coyle, as a business venture, was begun by Dan Coyle with significant support from family, friends and community members.  

What has become the Tree Piece Helmet Lines started in the 90s as a DIY hobby.  Originally built with a chainsaw and chisel for whitewater kayaking, the first one was about as heavy, uncomfortable and pretty as it needed to be to inspire a second one.  

Along with sewing his own gear and building wood eyeglasses and paddles the helmets were an eclectic pursuit and passionately pursued experiment.   Folks often asked about the helmets and once Dan discovered CNC technology he saw that there could be a way to commercially produce these pieces of art. 

An opportunity to change careers and take on starting a business presented itself in 2010 along with enough personal inspiration to dive into the unknown and the world's first and only wood helmet business was born!.  

There is something wholesome about products made from nature's materials.  Its not practical in all of the many technologies mankind has conceived in recent history but it turned out pretty well with helmets.  We believe they work at least as well as their plastic counterparts, maybe better (though, in truth, the physics of impact events is beyond complicated and difficult to predict). They have soul that can't be found in ABS and Styrofoam. 

I hope that viewing them and, when you get the chance, handling one, gives you the same inspiration that it still gives me. 

Dan Coyle