Custom wood helmets to delight and inspire you

Wrax Harness

WRAX is an amalgamation of the word Wrap, as in wrap around, and the chris-cross pattern in the occipital lobe region of the harness.  WRAX was developed to create a simple, eloquent design that would complement rather than distract from the simple beauty of the wood shells and, at the same time, give the user a superior fit and “Roll Off” performance.

The key to the WRAX is in wrapping the rear straps of the harness around the back of the wearer's head cradling the occipital lobe.  This kris cross pattern in the back is stabilized by adjustable buckle that anchors the straps to each other and reduces the tendency of helmets to roll off the front of the head during impacts.

The WRAX system is offered with a variety of webbing options including a high end textured polyesther webbing that is very comfortable due both to its feel and to it wider profile that distributes pressure over a broader surface to make for a more comfortable and secure fit.