Custom wood helmets to delight and inspire you

Cool Military Technology

Helmets, Transformed.  There is nothing about this technology that is based in what we all have known as "Helmet".  The way it is made is totally different and the materials used have never been used before.  This means that it is unique in more ways than meets the eye and that those ways are big, even revolutionary. 
Because Helmets are designed to break
To many folks it occurs that helmets should be "strong".  Really, helmets work by failing, breaking.  Energy is dampened and dissipated by cracking and crushing the material the helmet is made of.  Wood does this by cracking.  Its good at doing this and so its a great material for a helmet shell.  But how do you get it to do this without turning into pieces?  
We solved this by coating the inside of all our helmets with an anti-fragmentation treatment known to the US military as "Dragon Shield"  Its a super resilient, rubbery coating that holds bunkers and vehicles together when they are targeted with explosives.  It does the same for our helmets when they are tested by impact machines.  35 grams in each helmet.