New Machines! March 12 2013



Since the Indiegogo campaign several new pieces of equipment have been added to the shop arsenal.  These include a high end orbital sander and a 36" chainsaw (so awesome).  The highlights, though, are the CO2 laser that arrived last week and the CNC Router that is ordered and currently being built.  These two machines will allow in house processing and prototyping of cork inserts and wood shells.  The funding goal was set to accomodate these two purchases and its great to say that part of the campaign goal has been attained. 

On a big picture level it feels good to create a business that builds things here in Oregon.  We no longer buy things from China primarily because it is cheaper.  We primarily buy from China because there is little that is or even can be made in the USA anymore.  A lesson Coyle learned in its efforts to source tools and materials for its endeavor.

The Laser will cut cork sheets into precise, computer generated patterns that will fit easily and elegantly into the helmet shells.  It will be used to prototype new perforation patterns in the cork to improve helmet weight and impact performance.  The CNC Router will allow building shells in house and pre-cutting wood for future orders reducing lead time for customers.

Having both machines in house will allow Coyle to become expert in their operation, maybe the most import advantage that will be manifested.  The whole process of building these helmets will become concentrated and have ample opportunity to really become optimized.

Thansk to everyone who helped out!