PDX Bike Show March 26 2012

Along with launching our website we hosted our first tradeshow booth this past weekend at the Portland Expo Center during the PDX Bike Show put on by Pedal Nation.  We asked for (with donuts helping out) and recieved lots of valuable feedback in our effort to further develop and improve our Tree Peice Helmet lines.  We were planted right next to Ryan Leech's trial riding demo stage and his humble and yet high performance presentations were one of the few times each day that people were not dropping in to ask about the helmets.  Lots of other vendors and show attendees as well as press professionals came to visit and our weekend was really inspired by the enthusiastic responses and thoughtful questions.  We would like to thank everyone who visited for making us feel welcome and giving us a chance to educate folks in person about our simultaneously new and ancient technologies.  We learned several things from putting ourselves out there including how to improve the comfort and fit of our helmets and a new found appreciation for the long life advantage our natural fiber product has over the foam and plastic helmets that are so vulnerable to UV degradation.  We are currently back to our R&D process (as we always will be) and getting ready for the Mudslinger Mountain Bike Race in Blodgett this weekend.



In the www.bikeportland.org writeup about the show we were described as "by far the most talked about (booth) at the show".  Check it out for the date Monday, March 26th.



  Pretty cool.