For Small Businesses and the Curious January 14 2014

I found this article through a small business email list I am on.  A lot of the time I just ignore posts from the list but this one caught my eye.  

In the end starting a business is an expression of myself.  It can have meaning and connection or it can be about generating revenue. It can be about getting things done on time or it can be about looking good when things are really not going well.  It can be about making big, stupid mistakes for NOT the first time and it can be about learning things that seemed so ovewhelming at first.  It can be about a lot of things and it is usually about all of them at the same time.  Right now in this moment I strive for it to be about inspiration and about a new team of people .  This article spoke to me because of its honesty.  There is a lot that "looks good" in this article.  Lots of successes recounted and celebrated.  AND, shared, there is some realness about what starting a business can look like for even the most heroic among us.