Added Inspiration 2.0 December 23 2013

As promised here is an introduction to new Coyle Team Member Matt Holland!



Matt is a hometown Corvallis guy who graduated from Oregon State University in 2011.  He found out about Coyle through a Craigslist help wanted add.  After combing though dozens of replies Matt filtered in for a visit during which he immediately expressed interest in building a helmet himself (its getting close to done and its featured on the website right now as the cover shot for the Custom Helmets on the shop front page.)  He showed up in a big old american pickup with baseball bats hanging from a gun rack.  Turns out he has an enduring passion for baseball which he indulges in via spring/summer softball leagues. Matt also delegates his passion to a variety of other pursuits including pursuing opportunities as a thespian (he's even got himself out there to get a part in the next Star Wars movies!), writing gaming blogs and getting outside.  He has his own landscaping business AND he freelances in website development and coding.  On top of it all he just got married and bought his first house in a year which has been a big one in many ways.


Matt getting crazy in an outdoor theater adaptation of MacBeth


Matt is taking on development and maintenance of the website as well as building the social media presence of Coyle.  He is looking into better understanding how to share what's happening at Coyle with people who would find inspiration from it.  This includes creating surveys, monitoring web traffic and experimenting with social media channels among other things.  Matt is a stand up guy who came with enthusiastic recommendations and Coyle is excited to give him interesting challenges to tackle.


Along with Nick its been great to create more community at Coyle.  These two guys are putting themselves out there in a way that is more adventure than anything else.  Its a real inspiration to watch them shape things.


More to come!


and, check out Matt's local business at: