Added inspiration December 19 2013

In the process of building Coyle and the Tree Piece helmet lines there have been successes and failures, of course.  Maybe the greatest shortcoming has been a lack of a robust team.  This has been largely a one man show for lots of good reasons and its finally occurring to me that reasons all too often take space that could be filled with actions.

So, in the interest of bringing more ideas, more passion, more creativity and more energy (and maybe, here and there, more people to share in sanding?) to Coyle I am introducing Matt Holland and Nick Hurwitz. 




Nick hails from Falls Church, VA, just outside of DC and moved to Oregon in 2012. He has a background in environmental policy and natural resource management with a longstanding passion for sustainable product design.  

Nick is consulting with Coyle on new product development.  He is thinking big about solving sourcing and commercialization questions that would lead to the introduction of a revolutionary product line that Coyle has envisioned since day one (Top Secret).  Nick is an accomplished photographer who will be taking on product shoots of the Tree Piece lines (you will see, from the bio pics here, that yours truly needs some help in this department!).

On the weekends, Nick can be found cycling the country roads north of Corvallis or backpacking in the Columbia River Gorge with his lovely wife Mara and their two dogs Berkley & Jonah. He also has a wicked arm and has been known, at just a little over 6' tall, to dunk a basketball from time to time.  Yes, a little jealous there.

Welcome Nick!!


Coming soon, renaissance man Matt Holland.