Custom wood helmets to delight and inspire you

Custom - Design your own

Ok.  So, of course you would be stoked to have one.  But wanting one is not enough.  Imagine really having one.....  Does it make a difference to have something that is real, that is honest?  Consider that its an expression of who you are.  Each comes with a legacy created by two trees and the hands that shape it into the piece of art it is.  Not plastic, not temporarily current technology, no electronics that go outdated.  Genuinely inspiring, as real as real gets.  Its a once in a lifetime buy.

So buy one and help us build your helmet! Choose from our three basic platforms (Holz, Madera and Legno, German, Spanish and Italian for Wood, respectively). If you want custom vent patterns, a special type of wood, engraving(s) or perhaps something we haven't even thought of, lets get it done and make it not only fit you right but reflect who you are. Order a helmet in the style, wood and size you want and we will direct you back here to pay for custom charges using the Customization Fees section. Don't see what you imagined? Get in touch with us! We love working with people to design something truly unique and beautiful.

Our helmets usually weigh in at between 16 and 21 ounces.  They come with lasercut honeycomb cork protective cushioning.