Custom wood helmets to delight and inspire you

Artisan Wood Hardhats

Helmets are iconic symbols of human endeavor, of hard and courageous work.  Few other objects have so much class, history and legacy.  Combining the power of this symbol with the compelling beauty and uniqueness of our helmets perfectly expresses thanks to one who has embodied hard, honest work.  Or, as a compelling way to honor and celebrate the integrity and ambitions of the organization you are a part of.

Our collection of full brim and baseball cap style hardhats exist nowhere else in the world and use regionally sourced hard and soft woods.  These models are all hand built in Oregon and fitted with a custom hand-built leather/canvas harness.  

What could make them more unique?  Custom engraving, the icing on the cake.  Get your retiring employee one with his name and date of hire or get one for the Corporate Conference Room, reception area or executive desk with the company logo.