Custom wood helmets to delight and inspire you

The Legno



The Legno is the original Tree Pieces design based on a hand built piece developed by the founder “Pre-Machine”.  It features a low profile design that embodies simplicity as well as allowing for a lighter, cooler ride.  Like the Holz the Legno features a subtle brim to help protect your vision in rain and in bright sunlight.  The Legno comes standard with Cork impact protection.

Each model is offered "Standard" built with 3 types of wood and a Custom option.

  1. Douglas Fir  A high quality, kiln dried, dense grain native softwood harvested and milled sustainably by a small operation in Western Oregon. 
  2. Big Leaf Maple salvaged from Oregon forests.
  3. Black Walnut salvaged from Oregon Farms and Urban forests.
  4. Custom - Myrtlewood, Madrone, Oak, Ash, Sycamore, Redwood etc.  We can find other woods to use in making your helmet.  Generally they add $75-$125 to the deposit price.  For exotic grain woods like Burls the price is typically an additional $125-$250.  Laminated wood helmets generally add $75-$125.  When you order Custom we will correspond with you directly to nail down your choice.  Contact us if you have questions!

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