Custom wood helmets to delight and inspire you

Custom Engraving


So you're getting a spendy, ( let's face it! ) custom piece of art.  It makes sense to really put your stamp on it, right?  Let people know that YOU chose it (or WHO it was made for) and connect yourself, your organization or your very lucky person to it directly.  

Custom laser engravings are a tattoo that gives identity and adds that much more expression to the finish product.  So, do it.  Put your (or your friend, colleague, family member) name on it, or the company logo, or just a cool design.  Its REALLY fun and it just makes each helmet that much more unique.  We love customers that choose this (and not just cause it makes us a little extra cash :) )

Engravings start at 75.00.  We will contact you once you purchase to figure out exactly what you want.  If its especially complicated and/or large the cost goes up and you can opt out if you want.

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