Custom wood helmets to delight and inspire you

Pith Helmet



All of our products feature our patented technology using wood as a "First Line of Defense" taking advantage of inherent structural properties that allow it to absorb energy in the event of a significant impact, adding protective redundancy to the EPS foam or Low Density Cork system that lies beneath.  Additionally, in models with wood and cork together, there is a wholly organic helmet shell and liner that naturally resists the effects of UV degradation that synthetic helmet materials are more vulnerable to.  This means you won't need to toss a weather worn and sunburnt helmet in the trash every few years only to buy another.


Each model is offered "Standard" built with a high quality, kiln dried, dense grain Douglas Fir harvested and milled sustainably by a small operation in Western Oregon.  Each shell is reinforced with HMVK Polyurea impact shielding.  Look into our Exotic Woods Options to explore any of our models in a greater diversity of wood species.  Low Density Agglomerated Cork is a durable, resilient material that has more than proven itself in high abuse applications such as flooring and shoe beds and soles.